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Does your project
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Background:  Since as early as 1983 Pettersson Elektronik, Sonobat, and Bat Conservation and Management (BCM) has supported endangered species research and educational work for a variety of agencies and researchers worldwide. Our goal is to encourage important but under-supported conservation and/or research projects and to advance the successful applicants with a forum through which to promote their research for future funding and public dissemination of new knowledge.The BCM Small Grants Program offers equipment and software at a reduced (or no) cost to projects deserving of support. BCM Grant Program and partners would like to support projects that has use of:


In addition, your application will be ranked higher if your project aims to advance scientific knowledge, contributes to conservation, engages the public, and involves underrepresented study species of high research or conservation value. We do not believe in giving away grants for the sake of giving them away. Applications submitted to the BCM Grant Program will be judged for suitability by skilled researchers and experienced professionals invited to participate. Submissions will be accepted from all parts of the globe and support will be awarded three times a year.


Three times a year, BCM and partners will be supporting projects by donating up to USD$5,000.00 toward the purchase of equipment, software, and training. We will also pay shipping charges. The BCM Grant Program is available to conservation professionals and researchers from anywhere in the world, but customs fees, duties, taxes, or import fees are the responsibility of the recipient.


A requirement for all awardees is a short (approx. one-page) report/update with photos and/or video of your work using our equipment, software, or training which we can post on the BCM and partner websites, for each year your project is in ongoing.


How to Apply:  Please submit the BCM Small Grants Program application form found on this page (limit to ~750 words). Submit the BCM application (use a filename format YOURLASTNAME_SEASON_grantapp.docx) via email to anytime to be included in the current evaluation cycle (see below “Deadlines” for submission and notification dates). Download BCM Grant Application


We ask that your combined project summaries not exceed ~750 words. The categories for which the BCM will evaluate applications are below. Your application need not comprise a section on each of these criteria to be successful but projects that can span both science and conservation education may be more highly rated.


Things BCM Small Grants won't cover: Some tips on pitfalls to avoid...


  1. Cash
  2. Travel expense
  3. Items BCM and partners do not sell; mist nets, for example
  4. Large projects; that is not to say we may find it fitting to provide peices of your large project, but because we receive so many requests we prefer to assist with a number of small grants rather than one larger one. Small requests with a focused, well thought out purpose, or those who are creatively getting high value return with little overhead are more likely to get assistance.


Reporting Requirements: Winning applicants are required to...

  1. Maintain contact with us and provide updates on your project, when possible.
  2. Acknowledge the support of BCM and partners in presentations, meetings, publications, etc.
  3. Submit a one-page update/report on the project that we can post on our website. The report should include no more than ~500 words of text, photos or video clips of equipment in use during your project, main findings/outcomes of your project, and any long term implications of the project.



Q & A: 


How many grants are awarded each session?

We plan to supply up to USD$5,000.00 in BCM and partner gear each session. However, if your project requires less than the full dollar amount in products, we may then be able to award multiple applicants. Please consider your project needs carefully as some grants may be limited to partial funding.


Who can apply?

The BCM Grant Program is open to scientists and non-scientists from anywhere in the world for bat detector hardware and software, mist net, and harp trap gear. Bat house projects are limited to the continental USA only.


Which products are ineligible for the BCM Grant Program?

All products, software, hardware, and training from BCM and affiliated partners are available for the Grant Program. Because some units are highly specialized and/or sometimes require relatively expensive, some grants may be limited to partial funding or fewer units.


What if my project wins, but requires more money than the BCM Grant Program will completely cover?

In this case, the full award amount will be applied (like a credit) to your total BCM order.


What should I do with the bat detector hardware after my project ends?

The spirit of the grant project is to assist researchers with a specific project need. Because all of bat detectors can be refurbished at a fraction of the cost of new units, you should return them to us for refurbishing and enable us to continue to support another project in need. If you have additional use for the device (e.g. a long term monitoring project), you may file an extension for another project.


Can I find out about the status of my application?

All BCM Grant Program applicants will be notified by email once we have made our decision and the winning applicant has accepted. Additionally, we will post the name of the winning recipient on our website and social media platforms.


To apply for the BCM Grant Program, please fill in all necessary areas of the application form (limiting the summaries to ~750 words), and e-mail it to us at


Download BCM Grant Application

BCM Small Grants Program

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