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Rental Pricing

"Grab and Go" Field Bat
Acoustic Survey Package


  • (1) Pettersson D500x Standard Bat Detector.
  • May run up to 10 nights on internal "C" batteries (not included). 20 Ah external battery + cable also available.
  • (1) D500x external microphone
  • (1) 25' external microphone DMX extension cable
  • (1) Protective microphone capsule
  • (1) 8 GB Compactflash Memory Card (additional 32 GB cards available)
  • Rubberbands for mic attachment
  • (1) weather resistant storage box (holds all of the above in storage, travel, and deployment.)


*Rental prices are calculated by detector/ by night until shipped for return. A return-shipping label will be included with each rental and is to be used for the rental return. One (1) day of preparation (arrival day) is included with your rental cost and and subsequent night will be calculated at the normal rate.

$550.00 USD In Stock

1 night* per detector,

$50 each additional night, per detector*
*1st day of arrival does not count towards nights of use.
Shipping + handling + optional insurance + batteries are NOT included. 1st night must be paid in advance on all detectors, shipping and additional nights will be calculated upon return.

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Pettersson D500x
Simple, proven, long term recording
now also for active monitoring - now available for rent

Having the right equipment for the job is something that we at Bat Conservation and Management value highly. Due to the unique nature of much of the work that we do, finding a supplier for some of this equipment can be challenging at times. This is one reason that over the years BCM has moved toward creating and building much of its own survey gear--customized to our standards and made to hold up to and endure the abuses of a busy field season.

Whether we build it from the ground up, or distribute for one of our faithful partnerships, the gear we offer is the gear we use ourselves. However, we understand that the convenience of a full-scale workshop, and extra time are not universal, and so personally collecting and assembling the right equipment for your own survey needs may be unrealistic. Whether you have limited gear and looking to take on a larger project, or if you find yourself needing a piece of equipment for only a short period of time and donÕt want to invest in the full cost of an item youÕll rarely use, we may be able to help.

Bat Conservation and Management has recently begun offering a cost effective alternative to outfitting acoustic surveys, which depending on the size of your project, can require large up front-costs. Whether you are short one detector and require a temporary replacement, have a short-term project and need a large array of detectors at your disposal, or have a massive project requiring a large amount of equipment fast, BCM is equipped with a fleet of Pettersson D500x Ultrasound detectors ready for deployment.

Detectors come equipped with a protective weatherproof ammo case, 25Õ microphone extension cable, a Pettersson D500x with it's famous external microphone, and rubber bands for placing the mic on poles.

Additional CF cards for swapping data, and larger external batteries for longer or cold weather deployments are available. We can even include our virtually indestructible poles to get your mic up off the ground, off of tree trunks and into the bat's airspace where it needs to be for better recording quality. If you have any questions or would like to find out how you can go about borrowing some acoustic equipment from us, call or email today!

See how to arm and deploy this Pettersson D500x bat detector on Bat Conservation and Management's YouTube channel...

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