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Using the included SPECT'R capture software, up to 4 BAT USB microphones (AR125, AR180, AR125FD, miniMic) can be mixed and connected to a laptop to all record simultaneously!

AR125-FG Ultrasonic Receiver

The AR125-FG is one of the newest addition to Binary Acoustic Technologies professional grade ultrasonic receiver and microphone product line. The AR125-FG is small, portable, and easy to carry. The AR125-FG is a professional quality ultrasonic receiver that is designed for ultrasonic recording and acoustic analysis. It employs a omni directional ultrasonic element along with ultrasonic to digital conversion technology which produces a   high quality, digitally sampled, acoustic stream that is injected directly into a laptop or lab computer for recording, and analysis.

The AR125-FG is primarily designed for laboratory and flight room applications in which an omni directional microphone with a wide ultrasonic frequency range is desired.  The FR125-FG employs low noise circuitry along with a 16-bit digital converter to achieve high sensitivity along with a large dynamic range. Typical applications include mice and rodent studies, bat flight rooms, and moth and/or insect research. It employs a hemispherical, wide bandwidth ultrasonic element along with ultrasonic to digital conversion technology to produce a high quality, digitally sampled, acoustic stream that is captured directly into a Windows tablet, a laptop or netbook running Windows XP or higher, or a Mac via Parallels for recording and analysis.


AR125-FG is better at:

  • Active recording/viewing live full spectrum activity, and then selectively recording only the bat pass of interest.
  • Mobile transects; the omnidirectional-like coverage of this microphone is ideal for moving transects and captures significantly more pulses in files than directional microphones and lower quality omni-directional mics.
  • Educational demos; people are entranced by the "campfire effect" of watching bat activity go by live.
  • Passive monitoring; the AR125-FG is housed in a robust weatherproof housing more appropriate for inclement weather.
  • Orient this microphone vertically with the element on the top to minimize moisture in the cable port. Billed as omnidirectional, raise this microphone as far as possible from all obstructions (~12'+ above ground) and extend it into the airspce you intend to monitor.
  • The FG microphone element is similar to the Pettersson D240x, and thus very compatible with the SonoBat autoclassifer.

AR125-FG Specifications:

  • 250 kHz sampling rate
  • Omnidirectional-like ultrasonic element
  • Direct digital conversion technology
  • 1KHz to 125 KHz operating range
  • High sensitivity and 78 dB dynamic range
  • High speed USB 2.0 interface
  • Durable aluminum enclosure
  • Weather Tolerant
  • 1/4-20 standard camera mount
  • Cables runs of at least 70' using 2-USB Active Extensions cables

SPECT'R Capture Software

The AR125-FG is controlled via BAT's SPECTÕR software which performs spectral analysis, digital tuning, and hard-disk recording.  It is designed for field collection and it is capable of operating up to any four BAT USB microphones from a single laptop. SPECTÕR can also be used as standalone playback processor to playback and reprocess or analyze recorded data.

SPECTÕR includes the option to use the WAVPACK loss-less file compressor which reduces the recording size by a factor of three.  This increases the time span that SPECTÕR can be left out during unattended recording.  SPECTÕR also includes several of  the advanced call detection and insect noise rejection techniques that were first developed for the SCANÕR automated processing software. This effectively simultaneously increases the detection range of an AR125 system and reduces the number of false detection recordings. Most recently, an active record mode was added so users can save bat passes selectively, but after the pass, thereby enabling you to only record strong or unusual activity, not all the intervening junk.

SPECTÕR includes a complete collection of spectral analysis tools.  The main window features a  unique short duration, sonogram called SonoSCOPE that is useful for real-time species identification.   In addition, SPECTÕR includes a ultrasonic spectral display that is useful for performing surveys of the acoustic environmental.  Both spectral analysis tools are mouse operated and can be used to make frequency, time duration, and sound pressure measurements.

SPECTÕR includes a high performance digital tuner that translates high frequency ultrasonic signals down to the human audio range.  The tuner uses true heterodyning and advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP) to produce a high quality audio signal which can be played through a windows compatible sound port  for live monitoring and/or recorded for future playback.

At the heart of SPECTÕR is a versatile hard-disk recorder that supports two different recording modes: full-bandwidth, and snapshot. In full-bandwidth mode, the entire bandwidth of the ultrasonic receiver ( >200Ksps) is recorded continuously to disk.  This preserves all the nuances of the original ultrasonic environment.  Full-bandwidth recordings can be reprocessed after-the-fact to search for bat vocalizations,  and/or perform acoustic species identification.  Full-bandwidth mode is most useful for recording emergences or other events where large groups of bats will be recorded.  Alternatively, in snapshot mode SPECTÕR operates as an automated (full-bandwidth) snapshot recorder, generating snapshots only when bat vocalizations are detected, and only for a user-selected time. A timeout feature ends the recording sooner if no more ultrasound is detected for a user-designated time period.  All recordings are stored using industry standard 16-bit .wav file format.  Both the full-bandwidth and snapshot files are compatible with SonoBat.

Finally, to support file playback and reprocessing, SPECTÕR includes a variable-rate playback function that supports all three record modes and any SonoBat compatible WAV file.  The playback rate is user selectable to allows an operator to employ a combination of time-stretching and digital heterodyning to obtain an optimum translation of  ultrasonic acoustics into the audio range. Download the Spect'R User Manual for more information.


Confused about acoustic monitoring for bats?

Acoustic monitoring is more complicated than it appears. How do you know if what you are recording is any good, if you don't know what it's supposed to sound like in the first place? Please see our acoustic help section particularly for placement and weatherproofing suggestion. BCM also offers highly rated workshops of various lengths around the country for those wishing to jumpstart their learning curve. We also offer professional services ranging from managing your acoustic data for you to complete project management; contact John Chenger for quotes.

Placement and weatherproofing tips for the BAT AR125-FG



The AR125-FD is small, portable, and easy to carry.  It employs a omnidirectional-like, wide bandwidth ultrasonic element along with ultrasonic to digital conversion technology to produce a   high quality, digitally sampled, acoustic stream that is captured directly into a Windows tablet, laptop, or Mac via Parallels for recording and analysis.

The FD refers to the microphone element type, in this case similar to the time tested legendary Pettersson D240x, but in a omnidirectional form factor which the bat calls can be viewed live.

Weatherproof, omnidirectional
full spectrum live recording



AR125-FG USB Ultrasonic Microphone
Hemispherical microphone coverage.Includes (1)- 3' USB cable, Spect'r capture software, manuals. Spect'r requires Windows XP or higher, or Mac via Parallels.

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USBExtention30' USB Active Extension Cable

Normal USB cables can be run up to 20'. Beyond that, you must use an Active Extension Cable. We have deployed two AEC on an AR125-FG, in conjunction with a regular cable which successfully ran all night 70' from a netbook without a hitch.


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ammobox1Storage/Travel/Short Term Deployment Case
Storing bat detectors is usually not a problem; it's what to do with the myriad of "other things" you find indispensable that need to be in ne place for convenience for your surveys. Intended to hold a an AR125-FG, 70' of USB cables, a netbook and associated power adapter/chargers, and an assortment of rubberbands and guy ties for mounting you microphone to things. We have cut a small groove in the lid for you so the USB cable can exit. Plastic, weather resistant, lightweight construction and stackable.

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BAT MiniMic

Conceived at the April 1, 2013 Western Bat Working Group Meeting, BCM received the first two prototype miniMic devices just a few weeks later in time for a full summer of testing. The D500X is a USB driven full spectrum ultrasound microphone intended for live view active monitoring, mobile transects, and short term unattended (passive) monitoring of bat and other high frequency animal calls. The miniMIC is specifically designed for applications such as bat recording and vocalization analysis where wide spatial coverage and a wide ultrasonic frequency range are desired. It employs low noise circuitry along with 16-bit digital converters to achieve high sensitivity along with a large dynamic range. It is capable of detecting bats at a distances up to one hundred and forty feet.

General MiniMIC Features:

MiniMIC is better suited for:

AR125-FG Accessories

FR125MediumFR125 Field Recorder III

The FR125 is a low-power field recorder that is intended for over night and extended duration monitoring projects.  It is a lower power alternative to a laptop or ultra mobile personal computer (UMPC).

The FR125 includes two high-speed USB 2.0 connectors which allow it to control and operate an AR125 ultrasonic receiver along with a combination of  external USB hard-drives, Compact Flash writers, or USB thumb-drives.

A complete monitoring system can be assembled using a minimum of components.  A typical overnight recording system consists of an FR125 Field Recorder along with an AR180 Ultrasonic Receiver and a single USB thumb or flash drive.  Multiple night recording can be accommodated either using multiple flash drives or switching to a larger external hard-drive.

An FR125 system uses less than a third of the power drawn by a typical laptop system.  For example, an overnight system (a FR125, a AR125 and a thumb-drive) requires only 6.5 Watts of power.



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BATLCDCOntrollerLCD Controller

To program an iFR-IV in the field, it is handy to have this LCD controller. This controller allows all the iFR-IV settings to be modified. One controller can be used with all your iFR-IV units.


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AR125-FG Field Recorder