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Pettersson D200 Heterodyne Bat Detector

This quality heterodyne bat detector features a large LCD displaying the center of the tuned frequency in kHz. The detector in real time plays any ultrasound that is approximately 4 kHz above and below the tuned frequency.This method works by frequency subtraction and only a very narrow part of the spectrum is scanned at any given time, so a tremendous amount information is not detected.

Heterodynes produce low quality analog output that is not used for detailed computer analysis. However, many people are able to discern different species with practice in areas where there is little overlap in call frequencies. For example, a bat heard best at 19 kHz in the eastern US is most likely a hoary bat, as calls of other species typically calls do not go that low.

Similarly, an experienced user may be able to group calls by genus, suitable for interpreters doing bat walks, or bat enthusiasts looking for a low cost acoustic detector. Tone qualities of the output change if the bat is calling above or below the present frequency of the detector. This enables users listening in real time to rapidly "tune into" the bat as it flies by and get a good estimate of the bat's dominant frequency, the basis for species identification.

Please note: heterodyne detectors -are not- intended for computer analysis and precise species identification. They can be used for passage rates at mine entrances, etc.

Pettersson D200 Specifications

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Pettersson D200

Heterodyne Bat Detector

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