Same file as above, now "zoomed in" to show more detail. This is a higher quality recording than example 1 as we can resolve some of the individual chirp shapes. We can see the fundamental frequency where this bat likes to put a lot of power over a longer period of time is around 43 kHz.

Same file as above but "zoomed in" at maximum detail on a single chirp. Unfortunately this a relatively poor quality recording and the structure of the chirp cannot be resolved.


Same file as above, now "zoomed in" to fill the screen. At the beginning of the sequence the pulses alternate in strength probably because the bat is turning it's head. Towards the end of the sequence the pulses significantly speed up, probably on approach to a tasty insect.


Same file as above, now "zoomed in" to show about 3 seconds of the file. Enough detail is revealed to show this bat is sweeping it's calls from a bit over 60 kHz down to 40 kHz.


Another recording a few minutes later. This file is showing just a little over 2 seconds of time, though quite a number of chirps are packed into this sequence.

5.75 second bat call sequence recorded by John Chenger in Monroe County, Ohio August 2011.


"40 kHz Myotis"
Baton + BatScan Sample 1

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Baton Bat Detector

Simple and versatile bat detection
The Baton is a simple but versatile bat detector having a monitor speaker allowing reduction of frequencies between 20kHz to 120kHz. The division factor is 10, reducing the sounds of a 50kHz bat to 5kHz. The unit comes with a version of BatScan sound analysis software, developed especially for the Baton. In addition, if attached to the sound card of a laptop computer by a stereo lead from the ‘line out’ of the Baton, it will produce real-time sonograms, allowing detailed analysis of calls when used with BatScan software.

The Baton retains the original amplitude of the calls recorded, allowing 3D analysis of bat calls. (time, frequency and intensity). Calls can also be recorded on other devices such as MP3 or minidisc for later analysis. MP3 files will have to be converted to WAV files before BatScan will be able to load them. The Baton is also ideal for listening to orthoptera (grasshoppers and crickets) whose communication is in the upper part of, or above human hearing. One PP3 9V battery lasts for up to 30hrs (alkaline).

BCM's take on the Baton
The Baton is by far the least expensive bat detector on the market that gives a relatively accurate representation of a bat pass in real time. The next higher bat detector that provides real time sonogram displays costs approximately $1000. Unlike other bat detectors in this price range or less (heterodyne only), the Baton is surprisingly well made and has no rattling parts. Although the built in speaker is a bit low to demonstrate to a large group, it would still be fine for interpretative programs. The real advantage is being frequency division technology with the real time sonogram; there is absolutely nothing like this available at such a low cost. This really allows you to not only hear the bats go by but also "see" them, save them, and would be the perfect introduction to the acoustic world of bats without investing in a $1000 unit.

Please note: while this frequency division (with amplitude) detector's output is best viewed using the included BatScan software, and some people have had mixed results viewing files in the SonoBat software, this device is not intended for precise species identification. They can be used for passage rates at mine entrances, etc. and applications where exact species ID is not important. However, you will easily be able to sort bat passes into their acoustic guilds, and with practice and knowledge of your local bat area you may be able to sort to species.

For species ID we recommend the Pettersson D500x, Pettersson D240x, or the SM2.

Baton Bat Detector Specifications

BatScan Analysis Software

Baton Bat Detector: $159.00 USD
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Baton Bat Detector
Affordable and surprisingly powerful bat detector


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"40 kHz Myotis Feeding"
Baton + BatScan Sample 2

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