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BatScanner Bat Detector

Sensitive automatic tuning heterodyne

Elekon Batscanner

Detect bat calls easier than ever. The BATSCANNER is a compact, user-friendly real-time bat detector. The built-in live monitoring (digital heterodyne) converter tunes to different bat call frequencies automatically. This eliminates the need for any kind of manual adjustment so that the user can focus on listening, rather than actively trying to tune in to individual bats.

Turn on. Listen. The ultrasonic sounds are automatically transformed into the audible range. The device listens continuously, and instantly displays the peak frequency of the detected signal while crystal clear sound is generated through the front-facing speaker. For more private listening, the BATSCANNER is also equipped with a single 3.5mm jack so that headphones may be used when desired.


The automatic frequency tuning offers many advantages over other heterodynes:

Crickets and noise from walking can be a nuisance when observing with bat detectors. The BATSCANNER minimizes this problem by a special handling of lower frequencies. With the single press of the “on” button users can “reset” the frequency to eliminate any potentially unwanted noise.

By sound and not by sight. The BATSCANNER is also available in stereo! In addition to the many things that give this device the advantage over other heterodyne detectors, the stereo edition (using 2 omnidirectional microphones) now allows users who want the extra “edge” to determine which direction the detected bat is coming from, and where it may be flying to. This is especially useful when a bat cannot be seen and users would like to try to “follow” a bat by aiming the detector toward the bat in flight.

The compact size, shape, and durability of this detector make it ideal for kids, educators, wildlife hobbyists, or those involved with outdoor interpretive program, making it a great option from our line of affordable, consumer-grade bat detectors. Comfortable, lightweight, and great for the evening walk or those on the go, the BATSCANNER is the ideal companion for your next bat excursion!

Included in delivery: BatScanner, instructions, 3- AAA batteries



BCM's take on the Batscanner

The Batscanner is remarkably sensitive and has a nice, rich audio output that is pleasurable to listen to-- not scratchy and noisy like many cheaper heterodynes. As with any detector, the audio is enhanced when using headphones. The LCD display readily shows the frequency of the current signal with the most amplitude, so indeed this is perfect for handing out to a group of folks to wave around and literally "scan the night sky" for bats and you don't have to worry about kids turning dials. The Batscanner feels solidly built, with no rattles when shaken like inexpensive heterodynes. About the only drawback could be if you were taught to "bat by ear" and are used to manually adjusting the tuned frequency, you might find the Batscanner a little "too helpful" for your monitoring technique. Others will simply find it a joy to use. For those who want a slight upgrade, the Batscanner stereo takes the listening to a new level by introducing the ability to determine the direction of the detected bat. This feature is automatic and is best employed when using headphones, but nevertheless provides a noticeable edge when trying to determine where in the night sky the bats are flying. Note the Batscanner as a heterodyne cannot by used to record high resolution sonograms for species analysis, but it may be used for general bat presence/absence surveys and even provide fundamental frequency information, though there is no way to record this and you would need to be present to see it.


For more information you can download the Batscanner manual.


Batscanner Specifications:



Batscanner Bat Detector: $249.00 USD

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Includes 1 microphone, batteries

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