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Bat Bunker Plus


Weatherproof exterior over our largest residential bat roost.


The baffles are not flush with the roof, forming an attic space that pups love. The mounting bracket is two halves shown fully assembled. Two bolts are removed and one half of the mount is installed on a post or other mounting location. The Bat Can is then replaced on the mount.

12'' Bat Can:

Sold out, no longer available

Please see the Bat Bunker Plus as an alternative for this class roost.

To install a Bat Can bat house:

Spray 1 coat of Krylon Fusion paint (Available for $4.50 from Wal-Mart, Lowe's, and Home Depot). This paint is specially formulated to adhere to the plastic shell of a Bat Can. All bat houses need painted after installation for best finish.

Select mounting location and install bracket (the lag bolts for mounting are included, site location and installation instructions are included in the enclosed manual).

Hang the Bat Can on the bracket and secure with the included bolts.

Coat the entire Bat Can and brackets with remainder of the spray paint!

12'' General Specifications
Fully assembled.
12'' diameter x 25'' h. Weight: 40 lbs
Safe housing capacity: ~185 bats.
Includes built-in mounting bracket, mating wall/post bracket, hardware, 16 page manual. Regulations prevent shipping paint, please obtain locally. Multiple orders will ship with 2 manuals maximum unless otherwise requested (additional manuals are a free download).


Once inside, bats discover wooden baffles securely fastened to an airtight, virtually indestructible shell. Bats will rotate around the roost to find the ideal microclimate (8'' model shown).

An early version of the 8'' Bat Can is seen at Penn State's Shavers Creek Environmental Center near State College, Pennsylvania. The exterior coating overspray has rubbed off of the inside from continuous use, demonstrating how desirable open edge baffles are to bats.


The Bat Can's landing plate simulates entering a tree roost under exfoliating bark. The baffles are not flush with the roof, forming an attic space that pups love.


The Next Generation Plastic Bat House
Designed for applications where routine maintenance may be unwanted, infrequent, dangerous, or difficult. These bat houses are built from the ground up to never rust, separate, or delaminate, and possibly never need to be repainted. Steel mounting brackets will outlast any wooden post they are attached to. The super-duty exterior encases a sleek cylinder design of traditional bat-friendly roughened plywood. This model bat house was invented by BCM and is assembled at our shop in Pennsylvania.

Built for Zero-maintenance Situations
Composed of a thick inert plastic exterior, then painted with a plastic-formulated UV resistant coating, this is one bat house that will stand the test of time. The interior baffles are still made from traditional yellow pine plywood. This helps to add mass, thereby retaining heat at night. Bat Cans never need cleaning as the droppings simply fall to the ground. Baffles are estimated to last easily over 20 years, based on similar material used in other bat houses.

Home Sweet Home
Each baffle is individually hand scratched for some of the best bat footholds around. The baffle cluster features pass-thru at the top, allowing bats to easily move between crevices. As with all our bat houses, the baffles do not sit tight against the roof, allowing an "attic space" to form that young pups just love. Some baffles do not snug up against the inside of the cylinder, allowing bats to more freely rotate around the cylinder and find just the right microclimate. This simulates a large tree with exfoliating bark as the sun moves across the sky heating different sides of the tree throughout the day. Baffles form standard 3/4" crevices, suitable for little brown, big brown, Indiana, Northern myotis, free tailed, and many other bat species across North America. The 12'' diameter Bat Can houses approximately 185 bats.

A Sleek Design Requires a Sleek Mount
Compared to most other bat house designs, mounting a Bat Can is truly a dream come true. Simply attach the mounting bracket to a post or a structure, then hang the Bat Can on the mount and fasten together with bolts. Bat Cans were specifically designed to be incredibly modular. Four can be installed at the top of a single 4x6 post for high capacity in a small area. Use an 18-foot long 6''x6'' post and mount eight Bat Cans for a potential capacity approaching 1,600 bats.

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The Bat Can:

Indestructible Industrial
Bat House

Item no longer available

Please see the Bat Bunker Plus as an alternative for this class roost

Download our informative bat house manual and compare with competitor's offerings. Beware of vendors hawking cheap bat houses with nonexistent documentation; they might not know what they are selling.

Have questions about placing your bat house? Questions about evicting bats yourself? Or want BCM's help Please see our FAQ's sheet or discussion board for a wide range of real life questions and answers.

Please use our secure shopping cart to order online, or you may choose to dial (717) 241-2228 to fax an order or to inquire in person. Please note our bat houses are handmade with extreme attention to detail; allow time for delivery. Our company only deals with bats and our time is distributed to surveys throughout the year. See our availability chart for latest bat house updates...

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