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Download Building a Better Bat House

6.4 MB

This is the instruction manual included with all assembled bat houses, bat house kits, bat cans, and steel bat houses sold by Bat Conservation and Management. This 18-page booklet includes step-by-step bat house assembly procedures, site suggestions, mounting instructions for posts and structures, health information, and maintenance requirements. This manual might also be useful for those who inherited bat houses, obtained bat houses from dealers that supplied no documentation, or have bat houses that need refurbishing. If you are on the fence about bat houses or building kits, it is a good idea to skim this manual to see what you are getting into.

This is a replacement manual intended for BCM customers who have lost or misplaced their copy. This manual does not have bat house plans. For bat house blueprints, please see Building a Better Bat House, with plans.

Price: No charge
File size: 6.4M
File format: Will open with
Adobe Acrobat Reader


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Building a Better Bat House Bat House manual for BCM's wood, steel, and plastic shelled bat houses

18-page booklet included with all bat house orders.

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