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Our Three Chamber Bat House Kit saves you the bother of dealing with large sheets of plywood, painstaking roughening, and gathering some supplies. All parts are ready for assembly. Included in this kit are: a 16-page assembly manual, painting instructions for your locality, 2 slotted sides, roughened yellow pine front and back, two roughened baffles, screws, roof, roof supports, construction adhesive, and a black asphalt roofing shingle.

Our decorative bat design on the front is actually a vent that helps prevents bats from overheating.

Each interior surface has been permanently roughened by hand in various directions for the best "batholds" possible. We DO NOT use screen material for baffles as it has been shown to shred over time and pups have been documented becoming trapped under it. The finished box requires exterior paint or stain to complete.

Approved by Bat Conservation International. Invented and built in Pennsylvania. A pole mount is suggested if planning to use this box on a post. This kit is demonstrated at Bat Conservation International's annual Bat Conservation and Management Pennsylvania Workshop each year since 2002.

Assembling with a child? We suggest helping squeeze the caulking gun. When drilling, it may be best for the adult to start each screw partway into the wood, then letting Junior squeeze the drill trigger and set the screw.

General Specifications:

Safe holding capacity: ~100 bats @ 2 bats per linear inch of roosting crevice
height: 24''; width: 18''; depth: 4''; weight: 12 lbs.
Internal chambers: 3; chamber spacing: 0.75''-1''
Specifications subject to change without notice. Multiple orders will ship with 2 manuals maximum unless otherwise requested
(additional manuals are a free download).


Kit includes: 16-page manual, back, front, sides, roof strips, baffles, asphalt roofing material, and construction adhesive.

Tools required: screwdriver (preferably electric 14 volt or higher), heavy-duty staple gun, utility knife, paint, and caulking gun.



Three Chamber Bat House Kit: In Stock$64.00 elitesilver001praddtocart3

Special: 2 -Three Chamber Bat House Kits: In Stock$118.00 elitesilver001praddtocart1
(double kit will ship in one box with one tube of construction adhesive and one instruction manual)

Three Chamber Bat House Assembled: In Stock $89.00 elitesilver001praddtocart4

A Pole Mount Kit is recommended for this wooden bat house. elitesilver001praddtocart5


Ships in the USA based on weight. Shipping charge will be calculated on checkout.
Sales tax is added to PA and FL orders.


Watch Todd as he builds a 3 Chamber Bat House from BCM's kit


Follow Jacob as he attaches a bat house to a post using the BCM Pole Mount
Playback problem? See video via BCM's YouTube channel


Tools shown for illustration and not included in kit

Three Chamber Bat House Kit

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Have questions about placing your bat house? Questions about evicting bats yourself? Or want BCM's help Please see our FAQ's sheet or discussion board for a wide range of real life questions and answers.

Please use our secure shopping cart to order online, or you may choose to dial (717) 241-2228 to fax an order or to inquire in person. Please note our bat houses are handmade with extreme attention to detail; allow time for delivery. Our company only deals with bats and our time is distributed to surveys throughout the year. See our availability chart for latest bat house updates...

Easy to assemble kits make great family projects


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Material: all wood

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