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batsinbag3Bat Harp Traps: To catch a clever animal, use a clever trap.

We began designing harp traps when we needed a number of them for our summer projects but were unsatisfied with the design, availability, and price of the few commercial offerings. Over the seasons, we have developed several sizes of aluminum and stainless steel traps for our own use. Each new trap design is further refined to improve and streamline the use of the traps, reducing time and frustration for field biologists.

Two sizes have proven to be most useful over the years. A medium 3' (0.9m)·"Cave Catcher"·model (3' W x 2'-5' H, maximum catch area: 15 square feet (1.4 m2), weight: 22 lbs.) is useful at smaller cave, mine, and structure entrances. A large 6' (1.8 m)·"Forest Strainer"·model (6' W X 8' H, maximum catch area: 48 square feet (4.5 m2, weight: 45 lbs.) is more appropriate for large entrances, small diameter pit entrances, forest trails, and narrow stream corridors.





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Orders filled in the order in which they were received. All orders MUST be placed online regardless of payment method in order to reserve your trap. Due to the potential misuse of this device we may respectively ask for your state wildlife collecting permit number. This device is not intended for pest control and may be against state and federal laws if used in that application. Subject to 15% restocking fee, shipping not refundable. Orders shipped when paid in full. Purchase orders accepted but are not recognized as full payment. Specifications subject to change without notice. Photos do not necessarily represent latest revision of product.

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