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2009 Mini Bat Condo showing some interior baffles, Fort Drum, New York.

CA12010 Mini Bat Condo, Beale AFB, California.


2009 Mini Bat Condo (unpainted) with a 2004 Motel in the background in Fort Drum, New York.

2002 Bat Motel installed on an unusual rooftop setting near Harrisburg, PA


2006 Bat Motel, West Virginia

2004 Bat Motel, New York

2003 Dual Post Bat Motel, Stroudsburg, PA

2007 Bat Motel design installed in Florida on 6''x6'' post

Bat "Motels" over the years

We have experimented with several concepts of the "mid size" artificial roost solution over the years. We called them Bat Motels, larger than a house, smaller than a condo. All have been successful in attracting bats. These photos are of past mid-size capacity bat structures are are presented here for the record only. The current Mini Condo design we build today is pictured in the top three photos on this page.

2005 Bat Motel in Fort Drum, New York. Short (2 MB AVI) video clip of bat emergence during first summer after install.

In 2009 this Motel was filled to capacity with 800 bats and replaced with the Mini Condo pictured above.


The Mini Bat Condo

The Bigger Bat House

A midsize bat colony needs a mid-sized bat structure. When the management goals are to house approximately 2,600 bats and aesthetics of multiple Seven Chamber Steel the Bat Houses are not an option, the Mini Bat Condo is the solution.

The "Bat Motel"structure was originally designed by the Pennsylvania Game Commission to fill the void between the 300 bat capacity "bat house" and the 7,000+ capacity "bat condo". Over the years we have modified the design and it is now evolved into a scaled down version of the highly successful, sturdy Bat Condo. Previously land managers on a budget but with a significant bat challenge could only install multiple houses to provide enough alternate habitat. For most folks five or ten separate bat houses on individual posts throughout the property is unrealistic.

New features
We took the Game Commission's full size idea, scaled it down, and improved upon it. At 4' square and approximately 6' high at the peak, approximately 68 roost baffles create the core of the roost. Roof crevices create a "triple layer roof" where bats may roost against the inside of the roof-- perhaps the most valuable crevices available. The "floor" of the Mini Condo is a closed bottom that provides some protection for downed pups. The inside of the doors is coated with fiberglass for longevity and ease of guano dumping. The best bat entrances of the full size condo are preserved here, the entire sides of the Mini Condo form a gigantic landing plate for bats to land and enter under the eves. As with our smaller house designs, the bottom third of the Mini Condo is vented to assure a temperature gradient.

Because a Mini Condo uses stand off bases so the posts do not directly contact the ground, on the first visit we will help you site the bat house and then install the foundation. A few days must pass for the foundation to set. If the installation site is accessible by truck, we will install a mostly assembled Mini Condo using a crane. We usually build the Mini Condo in one or two major sections at our shop, then finish assembly onsite, adding baffles, siding, and trim before finally painting. Properly installing and completing a Mini Condo will take a full day.

Commercial shipping is not an option. BCM takes care of a site survey/placement recommendations, delivery, assembling on site, setting posts, mounting, and finishing a new Motel. Includes, well, everything...just add bats. Motels are made-to-order, please plan your project accordingly and call or write for quote for installation to your area and lead time required.

Mini Bat Condo General Specifications
Fully assembled.
48''x48''x 72'' h. Doors are 8'-10' above ground. Peak is ~12'-14' above ground. Weight: 800 lbs (est.)
Safe housing capacity: ~2,600+bats, minimum.
Support: 4- 4''x6''x10' treated posts on cement piers.
Features: hand-roughened 0.75'' roost crevices, triple-layer crevice roof, 30 year shingled roof, drip edge, exterior paint, coated doors, vented bottom. Specifications and finishing may differ slightly from photos. Color varies based on latitude, elevation, and average summer temperature.

Mini Bat Condo: $3,500+ delivery and installation
Delivery and installation extra depending on location. Due to the foundation being on concrete piers, several installation visits are necessary over the course of at least 4 days.
Special project- please call to order
Plans are not available for this item

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