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Handy Rope

(specify when ordering, white is unpackaged bulk)

Price: $6.00 per 75' package

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Feeling tied down?
It may seem overkill to use an entire page talking about thin accessory cord, but we actually had a customer who wanted to return a quantity of 1H net poles because, she claimed, they were defective. Pressing her further she was upset that the poles just fell over when any kind of tension was applied to the net. It became apparent that if we are going to offer net poles, we ought to provide the guy ropes as well. Then it will be obvious that mist nets should be securely tensioned with ropes when trying to catch bats and birds.

Handy Rope for guys, net bags, and more...
Peruse a rope catalog and you will be presented with a dizzying array of rope diameters, materials, and colors. We have experimented with our share over the years and for rigging single high or double high nets our favorite is this:

Single high and Double high mist nets
For use as guy ties for single high mist nets, you should have on hand 4 lines between 12' and 18' each. Yes, you can set nets using 3 lines. In a perfect spot you can even get away with 2 lines on a very short net. Start with 4 for each 1H net set in your inventory and go from there in the field as your situation and experience dictates.

For use as guy ties on a double high net set using our 1H poles and no other hardware, you should have 4 lines between 12' and 18' AND 2 lines about 25' long. This configuration is mandatory, due to the height and stresses you will put on the net set, there can be no shortcuts when rigging this configuration.

Mist Net Handy Bag
For use as the drawstring on our custom made
Mist Net Handy Bag. Develop your own color coding system to keep your mist nets organized at a glance. We suggest using 22'' or 24'' of Handy Rope for each Handy Bag. This allows the cord to be long enough to keep trammel lines separate and tie the bag closed easily. BCM uses green for 2.6m nets, orange for 6m nets, yellow for 9m nets, white for 12m nets, and purple for 18m nets. Note: blue is very similar to purple in the dark.


Bat Mist Net Hardware


Handy Rope


Mist Net Gear:

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We offer Study Technique Workshops which demonstrate proper use of this gear.

Single/Double High
Mist Net Poles

The basic net setting system. No one goes into the field without a set of 1H poles. No seams when assembled, sturdy enough to beat back brush at a net site. Can run nets up to 2H on these poles with 6 guy ropes and no other hardware. Also great for bat detector microphones.

Triple High
Mist Net System

The Triple High Mist Net system lets you build a 24' tall wall of net in as little as 15 minutes. Our system allows you to vary the shelf distance and apply side tension so the nets hang properly. The entire system can collapse into the included 6' long cave pack for one-person carry out.


Mist Net Pole Bag

Organize your single and double high mist net poles with our color coded bags. Each bag maxes out at 16 poles. Same durable material expedition cavers are using to drag gear through caves. Made in the USA.

Mist Net Handy Bag

Sick of flimsy grocery bags and losing your trammels in ziplocks? WNS protocols take a heavy toll on net handling. This heavy duty fine mesh bag is exclusively made for BCM specifically for storing, washing, and drying mist nets, all while keeping trammel lines fast and easy to get to.