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1H/2H Pole Bag

Choice of red or yellow with black bat

Price: $42.00 each

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Is your gear disorganized?
Are you splitting staff into multiple net teams every other night and people are wasting time constantly reorganizing mist net poles? Perhaps you might keep all poles for 1H nets in one color bag, and another color reserved for 2H net sets, so the right bag can be grabbed out of the truck.

Made tough
We use the same material expedition cavers are packing their gear with and dragging through nasty caves. The bags have a double bottom to help prevent blowouts. Proper use involves always putting poles in bags "pointy end up" so you can quickly see which ones are "bottom" poles. (We also prefer putting the "top" poles in with the male connectors "up", to reduce the possibility someone might mushroom one by slamming a bag into a asphalt parking lot.)

Single high and Double high mist nets
These bags are for our 1H/2H "skinny" poles; the 3H system comes in it's own bag. Our bags are tall enough to allow guy ropes to be tossed in as well as a few stakes if desired. These are the same custom bags used in our bat workshops and similar to BCI workshop kit pole bags. Includes a shoulder strap, a carry handle midway, and velcro+a fastex closure. Beefy.


Bat Mist Net Hardware


Pole Bags

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Handy Rope

Essential for use as guy ropes for 1H and 2H net poles. Also for use as the drawstring on the Mist Net Handy Bag. Neon colors for visibility and color coding rope lengths or mist nets. Not too thin that tying off is a pain, but not too thick as to waste space. Perfect.

Mist Net Handy Bag

Sick of flimsy grocery bags and losing your trammels in ziplocks? WNS protocols take a heavy toll on net handling. This heavy duty fine mesh bag is exclusively made for BCM specifically for storing, washing, and drying mist nets, all while keeping trammel lines fast and easy to get to.


Bat Conservation and Management, Inc. Carlisle, Pennsylvania (717) 241-ABAT

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We offer Study Technique Workshops which demonstrate proper use of this gear.

Single/Double High
Mist Net Poles

The basic net setting system. No one goes into the field without a set of 1H poles. No seams when assembled, sturdy enough to beat back brush at a net site. Can run nets up to 2H on these poles with 6 guy ropes and no other hardware. Also great for bat detector microphones.

Triple High
Mist Net System

The Triple High Mist Net system lets you build a 24' tall wall of net in as little as 15 minutes. Our system allows you to vary the shelf distance and apply side tension so the nets hang properly. The entire system can collapse into the included 6' long cave pack for one-person carry out.