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Mist net pole specifications

Single "Bottom" or "Top"
36'' long each (not including tips) X 0.75'' diameter. Heavy duty 0.125 wall thickness. Each pole weighs under 1lb.

Mist Net Pole Bottom, Price: elitesilver001praddtocart2b1a

Mist Net Pole Top, Price: elitesilver001praddtocart2b1a1


1H/2H Mist Net Pole Bag
Holds at least 16 poles with room for tie-off lines, stakes, and snacks. 100% Nylon with one non-adjustable strap. This type of bag has survived hundreds of net nights overloaded without blowing out. 

Pole Bag, Price: $42.00

Please select Pole Bag Color:    elitesilver001praddtocart2b1a2



Handy Rope
Practically every mist net needs some kind of guy ropes to properly tension the net. We recommend 5/32'' diameter (not too thin that knots are a pain to deal with) nylon cord (won't rot) in roughly 12' lengths (fine for single highs). 4- lengths are suggested for 1 single high net, 2 additional lengths 24' long are required for a double high net. Sold in 75' packages in four colors (specify when ordering).

Handy Rope: $6.00 elitesilver001praddtocart2b1a2a

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Sturdy single high mist net poles are the backbone of any mist net project. Nets can be strung in various geometric shapes and various heights depending on the situation. Capture Techniques Workshop, Laurel Caverns, PA 2009.


Free Advice

  • Poles need guy ropes to keep tension and prevent mist nets from falling over (duh!). Plan on at least 3- 12' ropes per single high net.
  • You need 3 poles per side to make a single high net stand up.
  • To get the net to the top of the pole, slide the two top shelves onto the top pole, remove the top pole, continue sliding the top shelves into place, then replace the top pole.
  • For best results the net should never be saggy and bag overlap should be about 3-4.''
  • Got tall grass at your site? Add an extra pole to your single high making an "extra high single high."

More info? Download a PDF brochure on this product.

We will repair and replace any mist net pole which fails under normal use.

Pleasures of these mist net poles include:

  • Easily handles single high nets of any length
  • Easily handles double high net sets without any extra hardware
  • Seamless connections so nets slide without any obstruction.
  • Machined of all aluminum, no parts will ever rust.
  • You can locally anodize your poles flat black for one stealthy setup.
  • Each section is standard 3' long
  • Not quite interchangeable with other brands of commercially available poles. This is also a good time to mention that BCM does NOT sell the actual mist NETS; only poles.

poles1Say good-bye to conduit, bamboo, wood, etc. In the summer of 2001 we needed mist net poles, A LOT of mist net poles. Sure we knew of the terrific lightweight poles already commercially available, but the high price for these featherweight poles caused us to look at other avenues (did I mention we needed A LOT of poles?).

Dutifully we set out starting with aluminum shafts featuring wooden pegs for stacking. Easy to build at a campsite (which a lot of them were), had seamless connectors, and worked great except for when the wooden pegs would swell slightly when wet, causing many afternoons to be (literally) whittled away. Later we tried using some electrical conduit with all its wonderful connectors to avoid our wooden problems, but it turns out that conduit should really just be used for conduit. You can't slide the net loops over the pole connectors, and conduit is HEAVY. Other material like bamboo can't be stacked into a double high, and since bamboo doesn't come apart, good luck reaching the top mainline on a single high net. So it turns out there is a reason why 36'' stackable poles have proved most worthy...everything else is less versatile or just plain sucks.

So midway through that summer we broke down, started over, and made our own all metal poles with CNC machined ends. We decided up front we would use for less expensive material instead of trying to make them featherweight, since rarely would we net several days' hike from a road and sometimes they are used to whack brush down. After beating on these poles for a few years, we felt they have stood up to enough of our abuse and can now be available to fellow bat and bird netters.

Please note that we sell poles individually instead of packs, as people prefer to build their own configurations. Keep the following facts in mind:

How many mist net poles do I need?
If you want to set one (1) free-standing single high mist net (any length by 2.6 meters high) you will need 2 Bottoms and 4 Tops. Six poles will weigh approximately 5.5 lbs.

If you want to set one (1) free-standing double high mist net you will need 2 Bottoms and 8 Tops.

If you want to set triple high mist nets AKA the type of net required for Indiana bat clearance surveys, these poles are too thin for that kind of span. See our clever Forest Filter mist net system that delivers a 3H wall of net in 15 minutes.

"FYI, Eric just ran over my BCM mist net poles with his F150, along their entire length, not crosswise. No damage. If they were xxxxxx-brand poles, they would have been crushed."

-Janet Tyburec, BCI Bat Workshop Instructor


Handy Rope

Essential for use as guy ropes for 1H and 2H net poles. Also for use as the drawstring on the Mist Net Handy Bag. Neon colors for visibility and color coding rope lengths or mist nets. Not too thin that tying off is a pain, but not too thick as to waste space. Perfect.

Mist Net Handy Bag

Sick of flimsy grocery bags and losing your trammels in ziplocks? WNS protocols take a heavy toll on net handling. This heavy duty fine mesh bag is exclusively made for BCM specifically for storing, washing, and drying mist nets, all while keeping trammel lines fast and easy to get to.


Mist Net Pole Bag

Organize your single and double high mist net poles with our color coded bags. Each bag maxes out at 16 poles. Same durable material expedition cavers are using to drag gear through caves. Made in the USA.

Triple High
Mist Net System

The Triple High Mist Net system lets you build a 24' tall wall of net in as little as 15 minutes. Our system allows you to vary the shelf distance and apply side tension so the nets hang properly. The entire system can collapse into the included 6' long cave pack for one-person carry out.

Mist Net Products:

Mist net poles that take a trashing


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We offer Study Technique Workshops which demonstrate proper use of this gear.


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