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Pettersson M500
Full Spectrum USB Powered Microphone

BatSound® Touch is a sound recording and analysis software which provides high-resolution real-time spectrograms and is very easy to use with touch screen Windows tablet PCs. It has resizable text and buttons to facilitate operation on devices with virtually any screen size.

Of course, BatSound Touch is compatible with the popular M500 USB microphone. A Windows tablet PC with BatSound Touch and the M500 makes an easy to use and powerful bat detector with real-time audio as well as real-time spectrogram.

BatSound Touch can also be used on computers without a touch screen.

BatSound Touch is also available in a 'Lite' version with limited functionality. This version is available free of charge to M500 owners. Please contact Pettersson Elektronik to receive your copy.

The BatSound® Touch coupled with the Pettersson M500 USB-power microphone is ideal for:

Pettersson BatSound® Touch Highlights:



Pettersson BatSound Touch: $149.00 USD elitesilver001praddtocart2viewcart

Price includes (1) digital software download + digital instruction manual


Note: Pettersson M500 Microphone users are entitled to BatSound Touch Lite free of charge. Request a copy by emailing a request directly to Pettersson for the latest version!



Screenshots of BatSound Touch in realtime view that is built optimized for the M500 though other standard USB microphones may be used. Live view in compressed mode is available. For when active recording is desired, use the "Circular Buffer Recording" feature. You can record up to 16 seconds of the previous activity in 500 kHz full spectrum glory, using a better microphones than what is found on some systems costing thousands of dollars.




BCM is actively contributing to the development of this software to be sure it is useful and efficient for real scientific surveys workflows while not overwhelming the casual user. Available Spring 2015 and optimized for Windows 7 and higher tablets, or netbooks, laptops, desktops, or Macs running Parallels or Boot Camp.

BCM instructor Janet Tyburec tries to "break" the beta version of Batsound Touch after our AZ Capture Techniques Workshop in June 2015. BatSound Touch was officially released in September 2015.

Pettersson BatSound Touch
Real-time Full Spectrum Software Optimized for Tablets

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