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Myotisoft Transect - App for Visualizing Acoustic Bat Data

Myotisoft Transect is a tool for visualizing acoustic transects using Google Earth. Simply grab a bat detector and a GPS unit, then drive, bike, or walk your transect route from start to finish. When you get home, Transect will allow you to view every bat call exactly where it was recorded! Click to download an actual KML output from Myotisoft Transect using Google Earth.

Transect works most seamlessly in a workflow with SonoBat, but does not require it. Simply record your transect with a GPS unit (even your smart phone will work!); process your call sequence recordings to remove noise files and rename files as you identify species – SonoBat’s SonoBatch makes this easy; then run the Transecticizer to view your calls – organized by species –  exactly where they were recorded! Full spectrum recordings from Pettersson, Binary Acoustic Technology, and Wildlife Acoustics bat detectors are supported, as well as AnaBat ZeroCrossing files. Transect runs on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.



Why you need Transectitem6

Transect came about when interest in bat acoustic transects exploded, yet there was no way to easily visually represent the data. BCM uses all popular brands of detectors available in North America, so we needed a utility that could work with all the different metadata formats in existance.

  • Transect provids a way to visualize transects geospatially, and with temporal component;
  • It allows multiple instances of the same transect to be compared geospatially to discover trends;
  • It makes it EASY to analyze a single transect, and to analyze multiple routes over years;
  • Most importantly, it prevents vendor / platform / toolset lock-in so we don’t lose valuable years of data;
  • Transect allows managers to quickly provide staff and volunteers instant gratification for their work, keeping people engaged in long projects;
  • Tried and tested at BCM workshops since 2012. It just works.

Requirements and Download Transect

To view your bat call locations on Google Earth or a GIS program, you don't need to have a bat detector with a built-in GPS. Your project personnel don't even need the same brand of detector. Before going off half-cocked though, consider that Transect is really at the end of your data post processing workflow and do this homework first:

  • Record with any detector generating a timestamp (luckily this is any modern full spectrum device from Pettersson, Binary Acoustic Technologies, BatBox Griffin, Wildlife Acoustics, legacy device data processed using the SonoBat Batch Attributer, and also Anabat files).
  • Simultaneously record a GPX track log file using a modern GPS (even a smartphone app does this, we like MotionX GPS).
  • Optionally (though rather strongly suggested for the prettiest Transect eye candy) remove all noise files, properly attribute your files with rich metadata, and manually verify species classifications and resulting filename extensions.

Once you've got your folder of bat calls the way you like them (post processed, etc.) and the GPX track file is handy, then it is time to unleash Transect on them both. Even a very large dataset will only take a few seconds to produce a Google Earth KML file.

You may download Myotisoft Transect to evaluate it using your own data. We would love your feedback, and actively support requests for features and enhancements. Please email to let us know what you think; no comment too small, no feature request too big!

Download Myotisoft Transect (MS Windows or (Mac OS X)


Purchase Transect

You will receive a registration code by email within two business days. Educational discount is available to current students or faculty at an educational institution ($79.00). You may also purchase Transect bundled with Myotisoft TransectPro ($199 Standard/$169 Student), our tool for doing real geospatial analysis on your mobile transect data.

We hate annoying software licensing just as much as you; by purchasing Myotisoft Transect, you may install it on multiple computers if you need to, and you may share it within your local office to allow those working on your same projects to use it on those projects. Contact us if you’d like to negotiate a site-wide or corporate license for large companies or agencies.

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