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Future Reviews

These are some of the detector models we have tested, experimented with, and many times have compared with each other. We have tried to extract the best possible results from them over the past few years, and demonstrated at our workshops. We will be compiling reports as time allows.




Anabat SD1

BatBox Baton

Binary Acoustic Technologies AR125/180

Binary Acoustic Technologies AR125/180EXT

Binary Acoustic Technologies IFR-IV



Pettersson D100

Pettersson D200

Pettersson D230

Pettersson D240x

Pettersson D500x (current version)

Pettersson D1000x

Wildlife Acoustics EM3 (EM3+)

Wildlife Acoustics Echometer Touch

Wildlife Acoustics SM3


Pettersson D500x (prior to 03/13)


Wildlife Acoustics SM2BAT+

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Bat Detector Reviews

Available Reviews

Impartial reviews of bat detector hardware. How they work, what issues we found, and what they seem best for. Written by real users doing real bat fieldwork over the course of seasons. These are not rushed "first impression out of the box" type reviews.

Visit our main review page with links to side by side microphone comparisons, bat detector software, and our ethics statement.

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