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Custom multi-day/night on-site training available
See current public offerings on our website or contact for private consulting nationwide. Customers are eligible for "get off the ground" 1:1 training on using their own hardware and software. Contact John Chenger for an appointment.

We offer Study Techniques Workshops which demonstrate proper use of this gear.

Road map of the night

BatCallsDVD is our road map to the wild world of acoustic analysis. This is a collection of bat calls recorded directly into a laptop using a Pettersson 240x and the SonoBat software from 2004 to the present. This collection gives anyone in the Northeast a huge jumpstart in building their own call library. We include hundreds of full call sequences from common species, including handfuls of calls from threatened and endangered animals. Call analysis can be a subjective art that is only as good as the observer. Only by spending the time reviewing hundreds of calls will the unusual ones really stand out. With BatCallsDVD, next season you can hit the ground running. Includes Grey bats from Coach Cave, KY, and Indiana bats from NY, PA, and IA.

Example Call Files


Digital mistnetting
surveys and/or analysis

Bat Conservation and Management does not rent or lease bat detectors. If your needs are for a single long term project or a few short term projects, BCM can provide a federally-permitted project leader to professionally deploy detectors using appropriate methods to maximize the quality of sound recordings so that more data is actually able to be legitimately and responsibly analyzed. If your needs are for Indiana bat compliance, long term monitoring stations, rigs for mobile transects, or you just have data that needs analyzed, BCM can assist nationwide. Contact John Chenger (717) 241-ABAT early before the sampling season with a description of your needs and project location for availability.

Project or Data Services

call analysis

SonoBat software provides a comprehensive tool for analyzing and comparing high-resolution full-spectrum Sonograms of echolocation calls recorded from time-expansion bat detectors. With its intuitive and direct interface, SonoBat makes it easy to record, process, display, and analyze calls with great sophistication. SonoBat lets you append library reference calls to a call sequence or individual call and display them on the same sonogram at identical time and frequency scales and no opening of other call files in separate windows and manipulating them to make a comparison. SonoBat 3 draws upon a massive library of voucher call data and offers suggestions on what your unknown calls most closely match.Compatible with all Pettersson FS detectors, all Binary Acoustic Technologies detectors, and Wildlife Acoustics SM2+ and EM3 (with strong call files).

SonoBat Analysis Software

Get all the ultrasound
coming to you

Bat detectors enable you to hear the otherwise inaudible ultrasonic calls of the bats. The most advanced detectors record full spectrum ultrasound to hear details of the bat calls not audible with other recording methods. Full spectrum (FS) is also the technique that preserves all characteristics of the original signal using state of the art microphone technology. FS is ideal for seeing the subtle difference between similar sounding calls. The D500x and SM2BAT are designed for long term passive recording that can record continuously, while the D1000x is a lab quality "everything in one" handheld detector most appropriate for voucher calls and active monitoring. We also offer the Pettersson D100 and D200 heterodyne detector and the Baton frequency division device suitable for interpreters and backyard bat watchers. For direct side by side recordings, please see our Bat Detector Reviews which include side-by-side views of sound quality.

Bat Detector Hardware For Sale

But not THAT simple.
If you are new to the wild world of bat acoustic monitoring, you may have the impression that a bat detector is a magic box that analyzes sounds bats make, and then announces the species ID in a calm voice. Sorry. That doesn't exist...yet! A computer cannot read a bat call 100% accurately any more than it can read a CAPTCHA; and there is recent evidence that for certain overlapping species it can be very difficult to come close. Not even with the best high-frequency microphone technology we have today. However, as one of the tools in your bat study techniques toolbox, detectors are indispensable for gathering data that's impossible to obtain any other way. When used properly, acoustics can significantly enhance the knowledge about the bat activity (and yes, even information about species composition) in your area.

Please take some time to familiarize yourself with basic acoustic monitoring concepts and suggestions for better recordings.

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For direct side by side bat detector recordings, please see our Bat Detector Reviews.

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