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Apodemus BatLure

The BatLure is a digital acoustic lure, designed to play back sounds of up to 100kHz for the purpose of attracting bats for field and research purposes. The durable aluminum housing allows for use in both field and classroom settings and will play back time expansion and real-time sound recordings directly from an SD card. Equipped with an Autoplay feature, the BatLure will begin broadcasting bat calls immediately after it is connected to a power source, making it possible to operate on a timer. A 12V battery or 8 AA batteries may be used, and will allow for a full night of broadcasting ultrasound.

Recent investigations have shown that certain bat species are attracted to the BatLure and may even increase potential capture rates. This is especially relevant in open areas where traditional mist-netting can be less productive due to lack of canopy cover and forest corridors. The BatLure also provides excellent means by which to test the functionality of your acoustic equipment both in the field and the office. This includes workshops and interpretive programs where a demonstration of real-time bat passes can be viewed and displayed using currently available bat call analysis software.

The device is compact and robust, and is fitted with a tripod attachment mount. Sounds are played back from the supplied SD card, which comes with several pre-loaded recordings. Users can also load their own full spectrum .wav recordings onto the SD card. The BatLure does not play zero-cross (AnaBat) files. The BatLure is powered by an internal battery source (8 AA batteries), or via an (included) external cable (input 12V).


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Apodemus BatLure
Professional-Grade Digital Acoustic Bat Lure

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